Narrative Synopsis – IMDb A wanderer plays two rivaling triad gangs against each other in their bitter war for Chinatown. Produced as part of the Directors UK: Challenge Alexa 2016. Screen Anarchy Directors Notes  

Synopsis - IMDb Set in the heart of the East End of London. Meet the eccentric Li family as we follow the trials and tribulations of running an authentic, family-owned takeaway business. In development as co-creator and director. YOMYOMF 'Wok, UK's answer to Fresh Off The Boat' Rob J.

Synopsis - IMDb Where a decaying sun has forced humans into stellar lifting by extracting star light as an energy resource. Richard on his latest extraction meets Lilly, marveled by the premise of stellar lifting. Heyuguys The new current Geek Syndicate  

Snyopsis - IMDb A detective, in hostile territory, is on a solitary attempt to retrieve a fugitive in London's criminal underbelly.   Flash Bang Review Telegraph Eastern Kicks Neehao magazine Young Director Award