Production company: Tangerine Films Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Directed & Choreographed by Chris Chung Creatives: Matthew Butterfield  & Ben Mills Produced by Richard Guy & Blake […]


Synopsis – IMDb A wanderer plays two rivaling triad gangs against each other in their bitter war for Chinatown. Produced as part of the Directors […]

Synopsis – IMDb Set in the heart of the East End of London. Meet the eccentric Li family as we follow the trials and tribulations […]


Production company: House of Koi Concept and direction by Chris Chung Director of photography: Richard Bell Edited by Chris Chung Music by Dave S Walker Camera: RED Dragon […]


Synopsis – IMDb Where a decaying sun has forced humans into stellar lifting by extracting star light as an energy resource. Richard on his latest […]


Snyopsis – IMDb A detective, in hostile territory, is on a solitary attempt to retrieve a fugitive in London’s criminal underbelly. Flash Bang Review Telegraph […]